Reflections: A photo series

I’ve been out shooting footage for a short film about urban Melbourne in recent weeks. As I hit the streets to capture the essence of the city, I had the opportunity to capture some stills in the process. It’s been great to look for interesting new scenes in the urban landscape. I’m always looking at new and interesting ways to document my surrounds. I was drawn to the abstract qualities of the reflections from buildings in the CBD and it’s inspired to me to start a new series.

Here’s the image that sparked my enthusiasm! Stay tuned.

Urban reflection - Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Urban reflection - Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Ghost signs, Melbourne

I've been out shooting a lot around Melbourne lately. I'm always inspired by the city surrounding me, the people and the urban landscape. As a designer, I also notice good typography and interesting signage. I love the old heritage buildings and ghost signs that are still fairly prevalent in Melbourne today. It's what makes this city so unique and interesting.

Here are a few shots I've taken of signs in various locations around Melbourne.

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Ghost sign, Melbourne
Ghost sign, Melbourne
Ghost sign, Melbourne

Flinders Street, Melbourne

This shot was captured on Flinders Street, during my daily commute home from work. The street crossing provides a good backdrop to capture the energy of Melbourne's CBD, combining interesting architecture with people in motion. Like this image, I shoot and edit a lot of my street images with my iPhone, because it's the camera that's always with me.


Street photography, Melbourne

I've been trying to challenge myself with my photography lately and experiment with more with shooting film. I seem to be more thoughtful about my composition and lighting, and I can anticipate the 'moment' better which brings a true sense of achievement. Here are a few images I shot around my neighbourhood in Brunswick and Northcote.